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With Eidoo App you can experience blockchain at its fullest. 
Use it to browse innovative DeFi dapps, to buy your first NFT or even just to store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Token.



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Much more than a wallet


Quick Actions

Personalize your experience and choose the perfect dapp preset suited for you.

Security center

Automatic Transaction Assessment.


Check the gas price, read your favourite newspapers, monitor market conditions, explore nft marketplaces. Sky is the limit for what can be added here.

Fiat on and off ramp

Easily jump into the rabbit hole or change your crypto back to fiat, powered by Eidoo Finance.

NFT dedicated section

A virtual gallery right in your hand. All the details of your digital art in full display.

Visa debit card

Pay with crypto for your travels, shopping, grocery expenses.
Enjoy dedicated perks and rewards for doing it!

Powered by Moneyfold

Decentralized Social Media 

Your content, your data. Uncensored. Social media on steroids! powered by Lens Protocol

Bank account(coming soon)

A fully fledged crypto-friendly bank account to perform payments, receive your salary, buy and sell crypto. The future of money is here. Powered by Moneyfold*.

Powered by Moneyfold

Feels great in low-light environments.

It works with Dark Mode with endless experience
in low-light environments.

& account

One app, many chains!

Dark Mode - ON

Everyone loves it. So classy